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Akelei Apotheek, situated at Akeleistraat 35M in The Hague, is dedicated to providing excellent pharmacy services in a welcoming and supportive environment. With operational hours from Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Akelei Apotheek ensures that its services are accessible to all, particularly catering to the working population of The Hague.


The team at Akelei Apotheek prides itself on delivering the highest level of service. The pharmacy’s mission is to create a pleasant atmosphere where the staff enjoy their work and the customers receive optimal support. This commitment is evident in every interaction, where personalized care and attention to detail are paramount. Collaboration with doctors is a key aspect of their service, ensuring that all prescriptions and health plans accurately align with the patient’s medical needs, providing a seamless healthcare experience.


For those who may find it challenging to visit the pharmacy in person, whether due to mobility issues, illness, or time constraints, Akelei Apotheek offers a thoughtful solution to home-delivery medicines. This service underscores the pharmacy’s dedication to convenience and accessibility, ensuring patients receive their necessary medications without disrupting treatment.


Moreover, Akelei Apotheek offers comprehensive pharmaceutical care beyond medication dispensing. The pharmacy hosts medicine consultations, providing a private setting where patients can discuss their treatment plans, understand medication usage, and address concerns with knowledgeable pharmacists. This service is particularly valuable for managing complex medication regimens and ensuring effective treatment outcomes.


Additionally, the pharmacy is equipped with a modern takeaway machine. This innovative service allows for quick and efficient pick-up of prescriptions, catering to those with busy schedules who require fast service. It exemplifies how Akelei Apotheek integrates technology to enhance customer service and streamline pharmacy operations.

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