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Alphega Apotheek De Vlierboom


Located at Vlierboomstraat 603 in The Hague, Alphega Apotheek De Vlierboom is renowned for its extensive services and commitment to patient-centred care. This pharmacy stands out with its convenient hours, open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Saturday, ensuring that patients can access their services almost any day under the guidance of Mevr. Drs. M.A. Sandino, the pharmacy strives to provide top-notch health care tailored to the community’s needs.


Alphega Apotheek De Vlierboom offers specialized services catering to individual health needs. Patients can manage their medications through the pharmacy’s page, which allows them to view and print their medication overview. The pharmacy also addresses chronic conditions with dedicated consultations for asthma, COPD, and diabetes, providing expert advice and care plans. For those seeking personalized medication guidance, the pharmacy conducts a pharmacogenetic test that analyses DNA to predict the best medication and dosage, ensuring effective treatment tailored to genetic profiles.


The pharmacy is also proactive in addressing lifestyle and wellness concerns. With services like the Health MOT, which assesses the impact of lifestyle on health, and specialised consultations for quitting smoking, Alphega Apotheek De Vlierboom plays a crucial role in promoting healthier lifestyles. Additionally, they provide valuable travel advice for those planning trips abroad, ensuring that travelers are well-prepared for health-related issues.


One of the most innovative services offered by Alphega Apotheek De Vlierboom is the Medirol® system. This service includes a roll of medicine bags that simplify medication intake, making it safer and more efficient, especially for patients on multiple medications. Furthermore, the pharmacy offers a 24/7 medication collection service through a secure medicine safe, allowing patients to collect their prescriptions at their convenience, any time of the day.


Through a combination of extended hours, personalized medical consultations, and innovative services like the pharmacogenetic test and Medirol®, Alphega Apotheek De Vlierboom exemplifies a modern approach to pharmacy care. They ensure that every aspect of patient health is supported, from chronic disease management to lifestyle adjustments, making them a vital asset to the health and well-being of The Hague’s residents.

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