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Alphega Apotheek Duindorp, conveniently located at Tesselseplein 1 in ‘s-Gravenhage, is a cornerstone of community health. It offers comprehensive pharmacy services tailored to meet the needs of its patrons. As a modern pharmacy, it embraces a paperless system, enhancing efficiency and environmental sustainability by eschewing standard repeat slips for prescriptions. Instead, details such as the repeat credit or the validity date of the medication are indicated on the medication label, streamlining the process for both the pharmacy staff and the clients.


From Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Alphega Apotheek Duindorp provides consistent and reliable access to healthcare services throughout the week. It remains closed over the weekend, allowing for a balanced operation schedule that focuses on quality service delivery during weekdays. Patrons can easily manage their repeat prescriptions in person, by telephone, or via email, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. Additionally, the pharmacy offers a free repeat service for clients who use multiple medications chronically, taking the initiative to request prescriptions and prepare medications timely.


Alphega Apotheek Duindorp is not just about dispensing medications; it also offers specialized services like the Medirol® system. This service includes a roll of medicine bags and a personal information folder to make medication management easier and safer. Furthermore, the pharmacy conducts pharmacogenetic tests, providing personalized medicine advice based on individual DNA profiles, underscoring its commitment to innovative healthcare solutions.


The pharmacy extends its services to cover various health consultations and programs targeting chronic conditions such as asthma, COPD, and diabetes. These consultations are crucial for patients needing consistent and comprehensive care. Alphega Apotheek Duindorp also hosts beauty days, allowing clients to explore various skincare products. Additionally, its smoking cessation programs highlight the pharmacy’s role in tackling broader public health challenges like cardiovascular diseases and cancer linked to smoking. Through these initiatives, Alphega Apotheek Duindorp not only dispenses medications but actively participates in improving the overall well-being of its community.

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