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Apotheek Dante Rotterdam is a special pharmacy in Rotterdam that really focuses on what each patient needs. Managed by Mr. Z. Altug, MSc., this pharmacy is located at Dantestraat 456 and is known for its excellent services and personal care. One great thing about Apotheek Dante is that they make sure everyone gets medicine that works well for them. They use a system where your doctor can send your prescription directly to them electronically, which makes getting your medicine faster and simpler.


Every year, Apotheek Dante helps its customers understand their health insurance options. This is important because sometimes health insurance changes and might not cover certain medicines or supplies like before. The pharmacy helps people figure out the best insurance plan that fits their health needs and budget.


They also offer a free talk every Monday from 10 to 11 a.m., where you can get advice about your health and how to manage your medicines better. This shows how much they care about their community and want to make sure everyone feels good and knows how to take their medicine correctly.


For people who need to take medicine regularly, Apotheek Dante has a handy repeat service. This means they keep track of your medicine and make sure you always have it when you need it. They also have a system to line up all your medicines so you can pick them all up at the same time, which saves you multiple trips to the pharmacy. Medicine mistakes can be a big problem, especially for older adults who take many different medicines. To help prevent these mistakes, the pharmacy checks your medicines with you and your doctor. This helps make sure that all the medicines you’re taking are right for you.


The people who work at Apotheek Dante are really good at what they do and they keep learning new things to be even better. They know how important it is to be up-to-date with the latest information in medicine.


In short, Apotheek Dante Rotterdam does more than just fill prescriptions. They’re a key part of their community, helping everyone live healthier lives with the right medicines and support. It’s a place where the staff really cares about each patient and works hard to make sure everyone gets the best care possible.


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