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Apotheek Van Leeuwenhoek, located conveniently for easy access, stands out for its dedication to providing personalized and professional pharmacy services. This pharmacy offers medications and a wide range of self-care and personal care products, ensuring that all your health needs are covered. The team is committed to ensuring optimal medication safety and offers convenient services such as delivery and automatic repeat prescriptions, which are especially helpful for those on chronic medications.


In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Apotheek Van Leeuwenhoek has implemented strict safety measures to protect customers and staff. These precautions ensure that every pharmacy visit is safe and worry-free. The pharmacy provides a robust delivery service for those who cannot visit the pharmacy in person due to mobility issues or other reasons. This means your medications can be brought directly to your doorstep, ensuring you continue your treatment without interruption.


The pharmacy strongly emphasizes personal interaction. If you need more detailed advice about your medications, you can always ask for a personal consultation. For more privacy or detailed discussions, they offer a separate consultation room. This level of personalised care is part of what makes Apotheek Van Leeuwenhoek special.


Additionally, the pharmacy offers several tailored services to make managing your medications easier. For instance, their Medicine Roll service helps patients who take multiple medications at different times of the day by organising all medications by time and date. They also have specific walk-in hours for patients who need quick consultations without an appointment.


Apotheek Van Leeuwenhoek values feedback and is open to patient suggestions and complaints. Based on patient feedback, they actively seek to improve their services and have established a formal procedure for handling complaints.


Overall, Apotheek Van Leeuwenhoek goes above and beyond traditional pharmacy services by offering a comprehensive range of services designed to meet each patient’s unique needs. Whether through their advanced online services, delivery options, or personalised care, they ensure your medication management is handled precisely.

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