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Apotheek Vrederust


Apotheek Vrederust is a community-centric pharmacy designed to cater to the evolving needs of its patients through both in-person and digital services. Led by pharmacist Djan Lie, the pharmacy is conveniently located and operates Monday through Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. It remains closed on Thursdays, weekends, and public holidays, ensuring staff have balanced work lives.


Central to Apotheek Vrederust’s offerings is the 24/7 medication collection service, accessible via a vending machine. This service allows patients to pick up their prescriptions at any hour, providing unparalleled convenience, especially for those with demanding schedules or unexpected needs. This around-the-clock accessibility highlights the pharmacy’s dedication to meeting patient needs in a modern and efficient manner.


Apotheek Vrederust is also adept at leveraging technology to enhance patient care. The pharmacy offers an intuitive online platform where patients can easily manage their prescriptions, from ordering repeat medication to registering for the pharmacy’s Repeat Service. This service ensures that patients consistently receive their necessary medications without manually managing each refill, thereby reducing the risk of missed doses and maintaining continuous care.


Educational engagement is a cornerstone of the service model at Apotheek Vrederust. Patients are encouraged to schedule “Medicine Talks” — personal consultations with the pharmacist or qualified staff to discuss their medication regimes, potential side effects, or other pharmaceutical concerns. This personalised approach enhances medication compliance and understanding and builds trust between patients and their healthcare providers.


In addition to these patient-centred services, Apotheek Vrederust offers comprehensive support for managing medical records and authorisations. Patients can authorise others to collect their medication, share medical information securely, and even register a homebound client. This ensures that all individuals have access to necessary pharmaceutical care regardless of mobility or health status.


Through its blend of modern convenience and traditional, personalized service, Apotheek Vrederust stands out as a beacon of innovative pharmaceutical care in its community. It adapts to the needs of its patients while maintaining high standards of care and accessibility.

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