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Apotheek Wijnhaven – Rotterdam


Located at Wijnhaven 32 in Rotterdam, Apotheek Wijnhaven is managed by pharmacist Zeliha Cimtay. Conveniently housed in the same building as Huisartsenpraktijk Wijnhaven, the pharmacy offers a special advantage: patients can see their doctors and immediately get any medicines they need, all in one place. This setup makes healthcare simpler and faster for everyone.


Apotheek Wijnhaven believes in helping patients understand and manage their health care effectively. Patients can contact the pharmacy in person, check out helpful information on the website, or call over the phone. This ensures that everyone can find the help they need in a way that suits them best.


The pharmacy values privacy and ensures patients can talk about their health concerns quietly and without interruption. There is a private room just for these kinds of talks. Whether it’s a long discussion about medications, a detailed health consultation, or a sensitive matter, patients can book this room to talk in private.


Apotheek Wijnhaven also uses modern technology to make healthcare easier. Its 24/7 online patient platform allows patients to order more medication, view their health records, and even talk to their pharmacist from home. These online services complement the pharmacy’s in-person care, providing comprehensive support to every patient.


In summary, Apotheek Wijnhaven is more than just a place to get medicine. It’s a key part of health care in Rotterdam, and it is dedicated to offering expert advice, convenient services, and caring support to its community.

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