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BENU Apotheek Laan op Zuid


Welcome to BENU Apotheek Laan op Zuid, located at Rosestraat 91, Rotterdam, a trusted healthcare facility that provides excellent pharmaceutical care. Under the expert guidance of pharmacist Dr. M. el Hamdi, our pharmacy is committed to helping you manage your health effectively with a wide array of services and resources.


Seek no more for a pharmacy near me in Rotterdam; your search ends here. At BENU Apotheek Laan op Zuid, we offer personalized advice on various aspects of medication use. We ensure our patients understand how to use their medications correctly, safely combine them, and handle their effects in daily activities such as driving. We also guide prescription-free medications, helping you make informed decisions about over-the-counter options.


Our pharmacy is equipped with modern services to enhance convenience and accessibility. One of our standout features is the 24/7 takeaway machine at BENU Pharmacy Rosestraat, allowing patients to pick up their medications any time, day or night, throughout the week. For those who prefer a more streamlined approach, our automatic repeat service and medicine roll service ensure that your prescriptions are managed and prepared without hassle. Additionally, our delivery service offers the comfort of delivering your medications directly to your home.


We also focus on comprehensive health checks and support for various conditions, from travelling health needs and hospital preparations to self-care assessments and diabetes management. Each service is designed to keep you informed and healthy at home or abroad.


BENU Apotheek Laan op Zuid isn’t just about providing medications; it’s about fostering a healthier lifestyle. We educate and assist our community in understanding more about maintaining good health, from boosting resistance and managing flu symptoms to addressing skin care and incontinence.


Our pharmacy is more than just a place to get medicine; it’s a part of your community, here to support your health and well-being every step. Visit us anytime or explore our services online—we’re here to help you live your healthiest life.

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