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BENU Apotheek Wester R’dam


BENU Apotheek Wester R’dam, located at Nieuwe Binnenweg 143 in Rotterdam, is led by the experienced Pharmacist Dr. S. Shahidi. This pharmacy is known for its dedication to providing personalised and careful service to everyone who visits.


At BENU Apotheek Wester R’dam, you’ll find various helpful services designed to make managing your medications easy and stress-free. The pharmacy has a convenient takeaway machine lets you quickly pick up your prescriptions. If you can’t reach the pharmacy, they also offer a delivery service that brings your medications to your doorstep. For those who need medicines regularly, the pharmacy has services that automatically handle repeat prescriptions, so you never run out.


The BENU Apotheek Wester R’dam team takes extra care to ensure that your medications are just right for your health needs. They spend time explaining how much medicine you should take, when, and how to take it correctly. Understanding your medication well helps you use it properly, which is good for your health.


If you ever have questions about your medications or are experiencing side effects, the staff at BENU Apotheek Wester R’dam is always ready to help. They provide advice and support to ensure you feel confident about your medication.


The pharmacy also makes it easy for you to switch your prescriptions from one BENU location to another if necessary, ensuring that you always get continuous care.


BENU Apotheek Wester R’dam is more than just a place to get prescriptions. It’s a supportive spot where you can be sure that taking care of your health is their top priority. The pharmacy is a trusted part of the community, helping everyone manage their health better.

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