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BENU Dam Pharmacy is located at Damstraat 2 in Amsterdam and offers various services to help manage your health easier. The pharmacy is led by pharmacist K. Belharch, who, along with the team, is dedicated to providing excellent service and expert advice for all your medication needs.


This pharmacy is great for handling your medication simply. For example, if you have a prescription that you need to fill regularly, you can use their repeat ordering service by filling out a form on their website. They also have an automatic repeat service, which means they automatically prepare your regular medications so you don’t have to reorder them each time.


BENU Dam Pharmacy also offers special services when you’re moving or travelling. They have a moving service that makes it easy to transfer your prescriptions if you’re switching to another BENU pharmacy. They can also put together a list of your medications for travel to ensure you have everything you need. Another cool service they offer is the medicine roll, which organises your pills by time and date, helping you track when to take them.


If you need help getting to the pharmacy, they offer a delivery service to bring your medicines to your home. The pharmacy’s hours are also pretty flexible—they’re open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday and until 5:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.


If you ever get confused about how to take your medicine or if you’re feeling side effects, the team at BENU Dam Pharmacy is always ready to help. They explain everything clearly so you understand how much medicine to take, how to take it, and when. This helps you use your medicine correctly and stay healthy.


Whether you need to pick up a prescription, get advice about a medication, or need your medications delivered, BENU Dam Pharmacy is ready to help with all your pharmacy needs in a friendly and professional way.

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