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Welcome to Farmacia Marbella Real, a distinguished pharmacy located in the heart of the Golden Mile. At Marbella Real Pharmacy, a dedicated team of professionals provides personalized and specialized advice to enhance your quality of life and offer the most suitable health and beauty routines. With their continuous preparation and passion for their work, they ensure a positive shopping experience for customers seeking dermo-cosmetic and para-pharmacy products.


Under the guidance of Pharmacist Begoña del Rio Zorzano, the team at Marbella Real Pharmacy consists of four pharmacists and a pharmacy assistant who work diligently to provide the best solutions while upholding the values of professionalism, quality, and innovation. Whether you have skincare concerns or require homeopathic products, the pharmacy offers an extensive range of products and services to meet your needs.


Marbella Real Pharmacy excels in various areas, including dermo pharmacy, where they cater to different skin needs with a wide range of products. They also specialize in nutricosmetics, recognizing the importance of nourishing the body from within for overall beauty. Additionally, their nutrition specialist offers personalized and dynamic nutrition and weight loss programs.


Pharmaceutical care is a priority at Marbella Real Pharmacy, and the team is available to answer any medication-related queries and provide personalized follow-up services. To ensure accessibility, the pharmacy has an online store,, where customers can conveniently browse and purchase their products. For specific product requests, a simple phone call to 952 821 133 will ensure prompt and efficient service.


Discover Farmacia Marbella Real, where a dedicated team, a wide range of products, and exceptional service converge to improve your well-being and meet your health and beauty needs.

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