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Service Apotheek De Schinkel, located at Hoofddorpweg 1 in Amsterdam, is a pharmacy that focuses on personalised care. It’s run by two pharmacists, Taco van Witsen and Sahrish Akbarali, who are experts in ensuring everyone gets the right medicine for their needs.


One cool thing about this pharmacy is that they can make custom medicines just for you. This is especially helpful if you need a specific strength or type of medicine that isn’t usually available.


You can visit the pharmacy’s website anytime to order your medicine online, which is super convenient. You can do this 24/7, meaning any time of day or night, making it easy to get what you need when you need it. The pharmacy itself also has long opening hours, so you can visit in person if you prefer.


When you talk to the pharmacists at Service Apotheek De Schinkel, it’s a good idea to tell them important things like if you have allergies, if you’re taking any supplements, what your diet is like, or if you’re pregnant. This helps them ensure the medicine they give you is safe and effective.


Registering with this pharmacy is pretty straightforward. You can complete a form online or go to the pharmacy to get started. They even transfer your medication records from your old pharmacy, which is a big help.


The pharmacy handles all the paperwork with your health insurance company, so you usually don’t have to worry about that. If there’s a medicine that the insurance doesn’t cover, they’ll let you know, and you might have to pay for it yourself.


If you need to talk to the pharmacist or ask questions, you can make an appointment online, call them, or just walk in. They’re always ready to help you with any health questions you have.


Service Apotheek De Schinkel is more than just a place to get your prescriptions; it’s a helpful resource for managing your health, with friendly pharmacists who ensure you’re properly cared for.

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