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Service Apotheek Zuidplein, nestled in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam at Strevelsweg 700-105, is a beacon of health and convenience in the community. Known for its dedication to exceptional pharmaceutical care, the pharmacy ensures that each patient is treated with personalized attention and customized health solutions.


Key to Service Apotheek Zuidplein’s commitment to accessibility and convenience is their innovative 24/7 Take-Away Machine. This service allows customers to pick up their prescriptions around the clock, catering to those with busy schedules or unexpected needs outside of traditional opening hours. It’s a testament to the pharmacy’s adaptability and focus on customer-centric solutions.


Security and efficiency are paramount at Service Apotheek Zuidplein, especially with their Personal File system. This feature lets patients securely view and order their medications online, offering peace of mind and ease of use. By integrating advanced technology into its services, the pharmacy enhances the management and safety of medication practices for all its customers.


Operating from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Service Apotheek Zuidplein offers various pharmaceutical services. The staff is knowledgeable about medications, compassionate, and dedicated to educating and empowering patients. They are committed to ensuring that each individual feels informed and confident about their healthcare choices.


No need to keep looking for a pharmacy near me in Rotterdam; your search ends here. Service Apotheek Zuidplein is more than a pharmacy. It’s a vital part of the Rotterdam community, dedicated to improving health outcomes and elevating the quality of life for everyone it serves. They invite the community to explore their unique blend of care, convenience, and innovation.

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