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Aileen Good Life Pharmacy Kimmage


Aileen Good Life Pharmacy is located on Sundrive Road in the Supervalu Shopping Centre, right in the heart of Kimmage, Dublin. It opens early and closes late from Monday to Friday, and it has slightly shorter hours on Saturday, giving everyone in the community plenty of time to visit. The pharmacy is closed on Sundays.


Your search ends here if you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. At Aileen Good Life Pharmacy, they offer a lot of different health services to help the people in the community stay healthy. They can check your cholesterol and blood pressure, help you stop smoking, check your BMI (which tells you if you’re a healthy weight for your height), and even offer vaccinations for the flu and COVID-19. They also provide emergency contraception, screen for diabetes with blood glucose tests, and have a special clinic for foot health. These services are all about catching health problems early or preventing them before they start, which is really important for staying healthy.


The staff at Aileen Good Life Pharmacy are friendly and really care about helping people. They’re always ready to answer questions and give advice on anything from how to quit smoking to how to take care of your asthma. The pharmacy isn’t just a place to get medicine; it’s a place where you can learn more about health and how to take care of yourself.


In summary, Aileen Good Life Pharmacy is a crucial part of the Kimmage community. They offer a wide range of services that help people prevent and manage health issues. The pharmacy is not only a spot to pick up your medicine but also a place where you can get professional advice and support for all your health needs. They are committed to helping everyone in the community live a healthier life.

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