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Alliance Pharmacy, situated in Porto, has a rich history dating back to 1909, with pharmacist Frederico Abreu serving as its technical director. The pharmacy has undergone significant transformations since its inception, evolving from a small space primarily focused on compounding medications to its current model.


Around ten years later, Alliance Pharmacy experienced profound changes, including an expansion of its physical area and the introduction of new workspaces. Today, it comprises two distinct spaces within the same building to comply with the regulations governing properties in Porto’s historic area. These spaces consist of a dedicated area for baby and orthopaedic products and services, as well as the pharmacy itself.


Throughout its growth, Alliance Pharmacy has demonstrated an innovative approach that aligns with the evolving role of pharmacists in society. The pharmacy now features various specialized areas, including a dedicated section for dermo-cosmetics that includes an individual treatment cabinet for body and face treatments. It also boasts a reserved area for personalized customer service, a laboratory, and a specific space dedicated to orthopaedic products and childcare.


With its diverse range of services and products, Alliance Pharmacy continues to adapt and meet the needs of its customers. The pharmacy’s commitment to innovation and its comprehensive approach to healthcare has solidified its position as a trusted establishment in Porto’s pharmaceutical landscape.

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