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Ardalan Pharmacy welcomes everyone and promises to do more than just fill prescriptions. It’s easy to get to, whether driving or taking public transport, and is known for giving quality service with a personal touch. If you pick up your medicines from Ardalan, just let your doctor know, and the pharmacy team will take care of the rest.


This pharmacy offers many free services to help care for your health. The staff are friendly and professional, providing important services like checking your blood pressure and glucose levels for free. They can also deliver your medicines right to your home if you need help to make it to the pharmacy, and they offer nutrition advice and how to manage multiple medications easily.


You can drop by any time from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, to get your blood pressure or blood sugar checked without needing an appointment. However, the pharmacy has temporarily stopped checking blood sugar levels because of current health precautions.


If you have trouble getting to the pharmacy, they will deliver your medications for free. Plus, they have a nutrition expert who can help you understand how your diet affects your health and how it interacts with your medications. Because of safety measures, you’ll need to contact the nutrition expert directly to set up a meeting right now.


Ardalan Pharmacy also offers private meetings with the pharmacist if you need more detailed information or want to discuss something privately. This means you can discuss your health concerns confidentially without worrying about being overheard.


Overall, Ardalan Pharmacy is dedicated to helping you manage your health conveniently and carelessly, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

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