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Apotheek Calandria, conveniently located at Calandstraat 340 in The Hague, prides itself on delivering personalised and professional pharmacy services. Known for its comprehensive care, Apotheek Calandria offers a full range of medications and a variety of self-care and personal care products. The pharmacy is dedicated to going above and beyond the usual expectations with services that include free 24/7 collection via pick-up lockers, home delivery, and an automatic repeat prescription service.


For patients who use multiple medications or need chronic medication management, Apotheek Calandria’s repeat service is particularly valuable. This service simplifies managing ongoing medication needs, ensuring patients always have their necessary medications. This is especially useful for those with conditions requiring consistent treatment regimens.


Understanding the needs of its community, Apotheek Calandria offers a convenient delivery service for those who face challenges in visiting the pharmacy in person, whether due to mobility issues or other reasons. This service ensures that all patients, regardless of their physical ability to visit the pharmacy, can receive their medications right at their doorstep.


Moreover, Apotheek Calandria focuses on medication accuracy and timeliness with its medication roll service. This service sorts all medications by time and date, particularly helpful for patients taking multiple drugs. This ensures correct dosage and timing, enhancing the treatment’s effectiveness and the patient’s safety.


The pharmacy values personal contact and provides opportunities for face-to-face consultations with pharmacists. For added privacy and comfort, consultations can be conducted separately from the main counter area. This personalized approach is part of what makes Apotheek Calandria stand out as a local healthcare provider.


In addition to these practical services, Apotheek Calandria is open to feedback, encouraging patients to share compliments and raise complaints if necessary. This open communication ensures that the pharmacy meets the high standards it sets for customer satisfaction and care.


Overall, Apotheek Calandria serves as a cornerstone of health in The Hague, offering reliable, thoughtful, and accessible pharmacy services designed to meet the diverse needs of its community. With its focus on personal attention, advanced service options, and commitment to patient care, Apotheek Calandria ensures that each visit is as beneficial as possible.

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