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Located at Kiekendiefstraat 1 within a comprehensive health centre in The Hague, Apotheek De Reef is a cornerstone of integrated healthcare. The pharmacy’s proximity to general practitioners and outpatient clinics of Reinier de Graaf ensures seamless coordination between healthcare providers, offering a streamlined and efficient service to patients. With extended opening hours from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Apotheek De Reef is accessible to the community, ensuring that healthcare needs are met with convenience and reliability.


Apotheek De Reef is renowned for its specialised services, particularly in enhancing the quality of palliative care within the neighbourhood. This focus on palliative care demonstrates the pharmacy’s commitment to compassionate, end-of-life care, where patients receive personalised, supportive treatment plans in collaboration with their healthcare teams. The pharmacy’s efforts are supported by a skilled team led by pharmacist J. Dijkstra, whose expertise and dedication play a crucial role in delivering quality care.


The pharmacy offers various services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its patrons. These include a 24-hour service that ensures patients have round-the-clock access to essential medications and support. Additionally, the online application and repeat service features streamline the process of managing prescriptions, making it easier for patients to maintain their medication schedules without frequent visits to the pharmacy. The medication roll service, which pre-packages doses, further assists patients in adhering to their treatment regimens, promoting better health outcomes.


Apotheek De Reef’s integration within a health centre rich in various medical disciplines not only shortens the communication lines between different healthcare providers but also enhances the overall efficiency of medical care received by patients. This collaborative environment, combined with the pharmacy’s dedicated services and free delivery option, ensures that community members receive the most comprehensive and considerate care possible.


In summary, Apotheek De Reef is not just a pharmacy but a vital part of The Hague’s healthcare ecosystem, dedicated to improving patient care through specialised services, expert guidance, and an integrated approach to health and wellness.

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