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Located at Jan Hendrikstraat 18 in The Hague, the pharmacy, under the capable guidance of Pharmacist Peter Smit, offers a modern and highly accessible approach to pharmaceutical care. Open from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; the pharmacy adapts to the community’s needs with a customer-centric schedule.


Pharmacist Peter Smit and his team understand the importance of continuous medication access, so they offer an innovative 24/7 Pickup service. This allows patients to collect their medications around the clock every day of the week from secure dispensing machines. This service is especially valuable for those with busy schedules or unexpected health needs outside normal operating hours.


For patients requiring more detailed information or guidance about their medications, the pharmacy provides a dedicated service known as “Medicine Talk.” Patients can make appointments to discuss their medications and address any concerns or questions about their treatments. This personalized consultation helps ensure that patients are well-informed and confident in their healthcare decisions.


The pharmacy’s online services are robust, offering patients the convenience of managing their health care digitally. Through the website, patients can register for services, update their details, and easily order repeat medications. The “Medsen Repeat Service” is a standout feature, automatically managing and delivering repeat prescriptions to ensure that patients always have sufficient medication at home.


The pharmacy also emphasizes the importance of patient autonomy and security in managing healthcare information. Patients can authorize someone else to manage their medication needs or pick up prescriptions. Additionally, they can register to have a client managed at home, an excellent service for those caring for family members or clients with significant healthcare needs.


In conclusion, under the guidance of Peter Smit, the pharmacy at Jan Hendrikstraat offers comprehensive services that blend traditional pharmaceutical care with modern conveniences. Through its flexible scheduling, 24/7 medication pickup, detailed medication consultations, and efficient online management of prescriptions and patient information, the pharmacy ensures that all patients receive timely, effective, and personalized care, making it a cornerstone of health in The Hague.

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