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Located at Wodanstraat 21 in Rotterdam, Apotheek Katendrecht is dedicated to providing excellent pharmacy services. Its focus is on keeping you safe and well-informed about your health. The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, making it easy for you to visit during the week.


Look no further for a pharmacy near me in Rotterdam; your quest concludes here. Apotheek Katendrecht is special because the pharmacist is a recognized expert in public health, which means they know their stuff regarding medicines and how they can help you. The pharmacy also helps by staying open during some evenings, nights, and weekends, so you can get advice and medications even when most other pharmacies are closed.


The pharmacy has a private room where you can talk to the pharmacist without worrying about being overheard. This is great for asking questions about your medicines or discussing any health concerns you might have in complete privacy.


Apotheek Katendrecht is also very involved with other health professionals in the area. They regularly meet with doctors to ensure they work together to give you the best care possible. Plus, they always try to improve by asking patients what they think about the service and finding ways to improve.


The pharmacy has won awards for having the Best Medicine Website in the Netherlands four times! This means their website is helpful if you need information about medicines, health problems, or how to care for yourself.


They also have the HKZ certificate, which shows they meet high standards for caring for their patients and running the pharmacy well. They keep track of any mistakes when giving out medicines to ensure they don’t happen again, and they have a clear way for you to complain if something isn’t right, which helps them keep improving.


In summary, Apotheek Katendrecht isn’t just a place to get your prescriptions; it’s a key part of keeping you healthy with a team that cares about ensuring you feel your best.

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