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Apotheek M. Cohen, with locations both in the south and north of Rotterdam, is deeply committed to ensuring that every patient receives thorough and personalized care. Managed by the experienced Pharmacist Mrs. SMWL Li, this pharmacy priorities patient guidance and education. Patients are encouraged to reach out with their health-related inquiries through various channels such as the pharmacy’s website, by telephone, or through direct personal contact at the pharmacy locations. The website also serves as a valuable resource for detailed information about medications, their side effects, and various health conditions, ensuring that patients have access to comprehensive health information at their fingertips.


The pharmacy offers specialized services including personal medication consultations in a private setting. Each location is equipped with a separate consultation room designed to ensure complete privacy, making it an ideal setting for discussing sensitive health issues, thorough medication reviews, or addressing complex health questions. Patients can easily schedule these consultations at their convenience, providing a tailored experience that respects their confidentiality and individual needs.


Service Pharmacy South, located at Maasstadweg 59 B, and Service Pharmacy North at Kleiweg 500, both uphold the same high standards of patient care and service. These strategically located facilities ensure that regardless of where patients are in Rotterdam, they can access top-notch pharmaceutical care without significant inconvenience.


Apotheek M. Cohen stands out in Rotterdam for its dedication to patient education and personalized care. Under the guidance of Mrs. SMWL Li, the pharmacy continues to be a trusted healthcare partner to the community, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to supporting patients in managing their health effectively and privately. Whether it’s through providing easy access to medication information, offering private consultations, or ensuring the availability of knowledgeable staff, Apotheek M. Cohen ensures every patient interaction is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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