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Apotheek Pillen en Praten, located at Volendamlaan 1260 in The Hague, exemplifies a proactive approach to pharmaceutical care, emphasising prevention as a cornerstone of health. Open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 6 PM, this pharmacy offers extensive services designed to foster better health outcomes and personal engagement with each patient. By prioritising communication and preventive measures, Apotheek Pillen en Praten sets a high standard for community health support.


The pharmacy provides a wide array of specialised services catering to various aspects of health management and prevention. One notable service is the provision of palliative kits tailored to support end-of-life care, emphasising the pharmacy’s dedication to compassionate service. Additionally, the pharmacy offers a convenient blood collection post, where patients can have blood samples taken without needing an appointment on Tuesday mornings, simplifying the process and minimising patients’ time away from home.


Apotheek Pillen en Praten also tackles major health challenges such as smoking and diabetes with targeted programs. Their quit-smoking service supports patients in making significant lifestyle changes, deemed even more impactful than medication alone. For diabetes, the pharmacy provides vital guidance and education, promoting early intervention and management strategies to prevent the progression of this widespread chronic disease.


The philosophy of Apotheek Pillen en Praten is centred around personalised care and active communication. Patients are seen as partners in their health management, with the pharmacist playing a crucial role as an accessible, knowledgeable healthcare provider. This personalised approach is evident in their repeat service for chronic medication users and the medicine roll service, simplifying daily medication routines. These services underscore the pharmacy’s commitment to ensuring that all interactions and treatments are tailored to individual needs, thus enhancing the effectiveness of health care provided.


At Apotheek Pillen en Praten, the goal is not just to dispense medication but to engage in meaningful dialogue with patients about their health, ensuring that each individual’s needs and preferences are met. This philosophy of care fosters a deeper understanding of each patient’s unique health situation, making Apotheek Pillen en Praten a pivotal part of the community’s health infrastructure.

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