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Apotheek Rijken, nestled in the vibrant Lombardijen district of Rotterdam, stands as a beacon of personalized healthcare. Established to serve not only the local community but also clients from far beyond its immediate neighbourhood, the pharmacy is renowned for its specialized knowledge in critical areas of medication. Particularly notable is its expertise in HIV medication and treatments for androgenetic alopecia, underscoring its role as a pivotal healthcare resource. This independent pharmacy is an integral part of the Plus formula network, enabling it to deliver cutting-edge pharmaceutical care aligned with the latest in medical research.


The core philosophy of Apotheek Rijken hinges on three foundational pillars: personalization, commitment, and expertise. The pharmacy thrives by ensuring that each client receives individual attention, fostering strong collaborations with local general practitioners and home care agencies to streamline and optimize treatment plans. The staff at Rijken is a close-knit team of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to guiding clients through their medication routines using the most current medical insights. This personalized approach is crucial in making healthcare more accessible and effective for everyone they serve.


In addition to its standard pharmacy services, Apotheek Rijken goes above and beyond by offering several value-added services designed to enhance client convenience and compliance. These services include a delivery service for those unable to visit in person, an automatic repeat service that ensures medications are replenished promptly, and a 24-hour pick-up machine that provides flexibility for clients to retrieve their prescriptions at any time. Moreover, the pharmacy periodically engages in various projects and collaborations with doctors to continually improve and expand its service offerings, staying true to its commitment to community health.


Apotheek Rijken operates with the vision of significantly improving the quality of life for its clients. By adhering to its motto of being personal, involved, and expert, the pharmacy cultivates an environment where every interaction is meaningful. Open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and located at Spinozaweg 285 in Rotterdam, the pharmacy is easily accessible and ready to meet the diverse health needs of its community. With its comprehensive approach to healthcare, Apotheek Rijken is more than just a pharmacy; it is a vital part of its clients’ health and well-being, making a positive impact one prescription at a time.

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