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Apotheek Theresia, located at Theresiastraat 125 in The Hague, is a premier pharmacy that provides exceptional healthcare services focusing on convenience and accessibility. The pharmacy operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, offering various services designed to meet the diverse needs of its community.


Apotheek Theresia has harnessed the power of technology to enhance its customers’ experiences. A standout feature is its Repeat Prescriptions Module, which simplifies managing chronic medications. By enrolling in this service, customers can have their recurring prescriptions automatically requested from their GP and delivered every three months. This seamless process saves time and ensures that medications are consistently available without interruption.


The pharmacy also offers a Medicine Dispensing Machine, available 24/7, allowing patients to collect their prescriptions at any time that suits their schedule. This innovative solution is perfect for busy individuals needing help to visit during regular hours. Additionally, Apotheek Theresia’s Collection Message service sends notifications via email or text when medications are ready for pickup, adding an extra layer of convenience.


Apotheek Theresia provides a specialized diabetes service for those managing specific health conditions like diabetes. Patients can order necessary diabetes equipment directly through the pharmacy, such as test strips, infusion sets, and pen needles. This service ensures that diabetes management supplies are readily accessible, helping patients maintain their health regimen effectively.


Moreover, the Your Care Online App further facilitates medication management. The app allows patients to request their chronic medication, view their medication list, and even set reminders for when to order birth control pills or other regular medications. This digital tool empowers patients to take charge of their health care easily and confidently.


Apotheek Theresia’s commitment to providing a secure patient environment is evident in all its online services. Patients can interact safely with their healthcare providers, request medications, and ask medical questions, all within a secure framework that protects their privacy and personal information.

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