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Welcome to Apotheek van Beest, a cornerstone of community healthcare located at Stationsweg 31 in The Hague. This pharmacy is dedicated to providing streamlined and efficient pharmaceutical services tailored to each patient’s needs. Operating hours are conveniently set from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays, with extended service available until 1:00 PM on Saturdays, ensuring accessibility for all, including those with busy work schedules.


Apotheek van Beest takes pride in its modern approach to pharmaceutical care, prominently featuring a secure online patient environment on its website. This innovative platform allows patients to manage their healthcare needs safely and conveniently. Users can log in with their credentials to access a variety of services, including the ability to request repeat prescriptions, view their medication lists, and even order specific medications like contraceptives without needing to re-enter drug names. This seamless digital experience saves time and enhances the accuracy and privacy of the medication management process.


The pharmacy offers comprehensive services, underscoring its commitment to patient care. These include preparing and delivering prescriptions from GPs, specialists, or other authorised prescribers. Patients can pick up their medications at the pharmacy or opt for free delivery, accommodating those with mobility issues or tight schedules. Furthermore, the website provides valuable links to other useful and interesting websites, offering information about health, medications, and wellness.


Apotheek van Beest also emphasises the convenience of managing regular medications through its ‘Pill service’ and ‘Repeat prescriptions’ features. These services are particularly beneficial for patients requiring long-term medication management, ensuring they can always access their necessary medications without delay. The pill service is ideal for those using contraceptives, offering an easy reminder and reorder function that ensures continuity and convenience in birth control management.


Overall, Apotheek van Beest exemplifies a modern pharmacy prioritising patient convenience and security. Its blend of traditional pharmaceutical services with innovative digital solutions provides a comprehensive approach to healthcare that meets the demands of today’s fast-paced world. With a focus on accessibility, patient safety, and convenience, Apotheek van Beest continues to be an essential part of the healthcare community in The Hague.

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