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Apotheek Wittop Koning


Apotheek Wittop Koning, located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Amsterdam Oud-West, is dedicated to providing top-notch pharmacy services to its community. Known for its exceptional customer service and commitment to tailored healthcare, the pharmacy is a trusted resource for prescription and self-care products. With a focus on personalised attention, Apotheek Wittop Koning works closely with local general practitioners to ensure that each patient receives the most effective treatment tailored to their needs.


Upon visiting Apotheek Wittop Koning, customers are greeted by a team of friendly and professional pharmacists eager to assist. The pharmacy prides itself on its modern facilities, which are designed to ensure all visitors’ comfort and convenience. One of the standout features of this location is the ‘Stupor Mundi’ medicine robot—a pioneering technology in Amsterdam Oud-West. This automated system allows patients to collect their medications safely, quickly, and discreetly at any time, making it especially convenient for those with busy schedules or who need medications outside of regular business hours.


Apotheek Wittop Koning offers a wide array of services that extend beyond just dispensing medications. The pharmacy is crucial in promoting safe medication use among its clientele. This is achieved through carefully monitoring each patient’s medication file and other personal data, which helps pharmacists prevent adverse drug interactions and manage side effects effectively. The team is highly vigilant in ensuring that no incompatible medications are prescribed together, thus maintaining the highest patient safety standards.


The pharmacy also prioritises protecting patient privacy and handling personal data with the utmost confidentiality. When addressing care-related questions, the pharmacists ensure they only interact with patients whose identities have been reliably verified. Basic information such as full name, date of birth, and, if necessary, address is required to access pharmacy services. Apotheek Wittop Koning encourages all patients to update their information in their system to facilitate accurate and efficient service. Overall, Apotheek Wittop Koning is more than just a place to pick up medication, it is a vital part of the healthcare community in Amsterdam Oud-West, committed to improving the health and well-being of its patients.

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