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Apotheek Ypenburg, situated at Laan van Hoornwijck 156 – 1 in The Hague, is an integral part of the local health centre, working alongside four general practices to provide seamless and efficient healthcare services. Managed by pharmacist L.P. van den Eijkel, this pharmacy stands out for its collaborative approach, ensuring that patients receive comprehensive care quickly and effectively. The integration with nearby general practices streamlines medical care and welcomes patients whose GPs might be located elsewhere.


The pharmacy boasts a wide array of services designed to cater to the convenience and needs of its patients. One of its standout features is the 24-hour service, allowing patients to access pharmacy services around the clock. This is complemented by the pharmacy’s free delivery service, ensuring that medications can be conveniently and safely delivered to patient’s homes, which is particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues or busy schedules.


Innovation is at the forefront of Apotheek Ypenburg’s offerings. The pharmacy provides a repeat service and a medication roll system, which are critical for patients who need ongoing medication management. The repeat service simplifies the reordering prescription process, making it less cumbersome for patients to maintain their medication schedules. The medication roll service offers pre-sorted, dated, and time-labeled packages, enhancing medication compliance and safety for patients, especially those on multiple medications.


The pharmacy also embraces digital solutions to enhance patient experience and accessibility. With an online application service, patients can manage their pharmacy needs from the comfort of their home. This digital access is crucial for maintaining communication between the pharmacy and its patients, allowing for efficient prescriptions and health inquiries management.


Apotheek Ypenburg’s commitment to comprehensive care, innovative services, and patient convenience makes it a vital healthcare resource in The Hague. The combination of expert care, collaborative practices, and modern technology ensures that Apotheek Ypenburg effectively and efficiently meets the diverse health needs of its community.

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