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Apotheke am Hermannplatz


Welcome to Apotheke am Hermannplatz, centrally located at Hermannplatz 9, 10967 Berlin. Owned by Hassan Ayada eK, this pharmacy is a beacon of health and personal care in the local community. It’s more than just a place to pick up prescriptions; it’s a community hub where visitors receive personalized attention and care.


At Apotheke am Hermannplatz, you’ll find a dedicated team ready to assist with all your health-related needs. Whether you require assistance with medication management for a chronic condition, need advice on over-the-counter products, or seek general wellness tips, the knowledgeable staff can provide expert guidance. Their goal is to ensure that every customer receives the medications they need and leaves the pharmacy better informed about their health options.


The pharmacy is committed to offering comprehensive services beyond simple prescription filling. They focus on providing detailed health consultations and are always prepared to answer any questions you might have about your health care regimen. This approach makes Apotheke am Hermannplatz a critical resource for the community, aiding in the promotion of overall health and wellness among its patrons.


Visiting Apotheke am Hermannplatz means experiencing a higher standard of pharmacy care. Under the ownership of Hassan Ayada, the pharmacy prioritises your health by ensuring access to high-quality products and personalised advice. The team at Apotheke am Hermannplatz is ready to welcome you and assist with your healthcare needs, embodying a commitment to professional service and community well-being.


Apotheke am Hermannplatz offers a warm welcome and expert care for anyone seeking a trusted healthcare partner, making it an essential stop for all your pharmaceutical and health advice needs in Berlin.

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