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Apotheke am Paulinenplatz


Apotheke am Paulinenplatz, located at Paulinenplatz 1 in Hamburg, is a friendly neighborhood pharmacy led by Dr. Ramona Kottke. It offers a mix of classic pharmacy services with modern touches to make getting your medications easier and faster. For example, you can take a photo of your prescription or upload one from your phone, and if you have a digital prescription, you can scan it right at the pharmacy.


This pharmacy is a favourite spot for local soccer fans, especially since it offers a permanent 11% discount to FC St. Pauli members. When it comes to skincare, Apotheke am Paulinenplatz shines. They have a wide range of products from brands like Avene, Eucerin, Linola, and Cetaphil that help with skin problems such as acne, rosacea, and very sensitive skin.


Apotheke am Paulinenplatz is also great for families. They rent out medical equipment that can be very helpful, like electric breast pumps for new moms, baby scales, and inhalation devices for respiratory issues. The staff can speak multiple languages, including English, Turkish, and Spanish, which makes it easier for everyone in the community to get help and advice in their language.


Beyond these services, the pharmacy offers more than just medications. It focuses on overall health with services like nutrition advice, diabetes management, and even weight loss support. If you need medications, the pharmacy makes its special mixtures and has an expert in homoeopathy and natural remedies on its team. For added convenience, it delivers medications in the afternoons and provides easy ways to pay with cards, so you don’t always need to carry cash.


With all these services, including health checks like blood pressure and body mass index calculations, Apotheke am Paulinenplatz is more than just a place to pick up medicine. It’s a full-service health centre that plays an important role in the community, helping everyone stay well.

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