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Celebrating 25 years of dedicated service, Arcaden Apotheke in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg has established itself as a cornerstone of community health care since its founding in March 1999. Located at Schönhauser Allee 79, this modern pharmacy has a professional team of over twenty staff members and is renowned for its comprehensive and personalised approach to health and wellness. Its close collaboration with Katharinen Apotheke in the Weißensee district ensures a seamless supply chain, enhancing its ability to respond promptly to customer needs.


Arcaden Apotheke prides itself on maintaining high standards, as evidenced by its DEKRA certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 since August 2007. This certification is supported by annual audits, a testament to their commitment to quality management. With continuous employee training and integration of the latest computer technology, the pharmacy guarantees top-tier service and expert advice. This commitment extends to their meticulous care in managing a broad range of health-related services, ensuring that each client receives the best support tailored to their health concerns.


The pharmacy offers an engaging weekly schedule of promotional health events that cater to various needs and interests. For instance, Mondays feature a calibration campaign for blood pressure monitors, while Tuesdays are dedicated to consultations on intestinal health with the Omni Biotic consultation day. Special discounts on skincare products from trusted brands like Eucerin and Avene throughout the week underscore Arcaden Apotheke’s dedication to providing value alongside quality care. These activities enhance customer engagement and reinforce the pharmacy’s role as an active participant in promoting community health education.


Arcaden Apotheke also emphasises convenience and accessibility through services like medication pre-orders and home deliveries, ensuring that customers can easily obtain their health care supplies. Additionally, the pharmacy provides an array of health checks and consultations, ranging from blood pressure and blood sugar measurements to skin analysis and cosmetic advice. The availability of rental services for medical devices, including inhalation devices and Medela breast pumps, further highlights their comprehensive approach to meeting the diverse needs of their community.


With a focus on individual customer care and a robust array of services and promotions, Arcaden Apotheke continues to be a pivotal health resource for the residents of Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, inviting all to experience their high standard of care either in person or through a virtual tour on their website.

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