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BENU Apotheek Bilderdijk


BENU Apotheek Bilderdijk is a pharmacy located at Bilderdijkstraat 142-148 in Amsterdam. It’s run by the knowledgeable pharmacist, drs. O. Janatgol who is dedicated to helping each person get the right care and medication they need.


The pharmacy is well-known for its convenient services, making it easier for people to manage their health. One cool feature they offer is a take-away machine, which lets patients pick up their medications quickly and easily. This machine is available at the main pharmacy on Bilderdijkstraat and a second location at Nassaukade 125-H.


BENU Apotheek Bilderdijk offers a wide range of services beyond filling prescriptions. They have an automatic service for repeat prescriptions, saving a lot of time by automatically ordering your regular medications. They also provide a service that organises your daily doses into a medicine roll, and they can deliver medications right to your doorstep if you can’t make it to the pharmacy.


Additionally, the pharmacy helps with more than just medications. You can sign up with them directly online, request a detailed list of your medications for travel, and even get advice on various health topics like diabetes and skin care. These offerings highlight how BENU Apotheek Bilderdijk is not just about dispensing medications but also focuses on overall health and ensuring everyone knows how to care for themselves.


In short, BENU Apotheek Bilderdijk is not just a place to get your prescriptions. It’s a full-service pharmacy that uses modern technology and thoughtful services to make healthcare simple and accessible for everyone in the community. Drs. O. Janatgol is leading the way; it’s a trusted spot for health advice and support.

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