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BENU Apotheek Charlois, located at Boergoensestraat 78 in Rotterdam, plays a key role in the community by providing important health services and personal care to everyone who visits. This pharmacy is not just a place to get medicine; it’s a place where patients are taught how to use their medications properly and safely.


At BENU Apotheek Charlois, the team is really focused on helping each person understand their health and medicine. They spend time explaining how much medicine to take, when to take it, and how to take it correctly. They believe that the better people understand their medications, the healthier they will be. If someone has questions later or isn’t sure about how to use their medicine, the pharmacy staff encourages them to come back for more help.


The pharmacists at BENU Apotheek Charlois also work closely with doctors. When a doctor prescribes medicine, the pharmacy checks to make sure it’s the right kind based on the patient’s health conditions. They keep track of all the medicines a person takes to avoid any harmful interactions. Regular talks with doctors help the pharmacy make sure that each patient’s treatment is on track and working well.


Besides handling medications, BENU Apotheek Charlois also helps with general health advice. They offer guidance on various health issues like fighting the flu, managing diabetes, taking care of your skin, and dealing with incontinence. The goal is to support people in leading healthier lives in more ways than just managing their medications.


BENU Apotheek Charlois is more than just a pharmacy. It’s a friendly place where people in Rotterdam can go for trusted health advice and support. The staff are always ready to help, making sure everyone gets the care they need to stay healthy.

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