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BENU Apotheek De Binnenhof


Welcome to BENU Apotheek De Binnenhof, a friendly neighbourhood pharmacy at Niels Bohrplaats 5 in Rotterdam. Led by the experienced pharmacist, Dr. K. Özer, this pharmacy is dedicated to helping everyone get the medications and advice they need to stay healthy.


Your hunt for a pharmacy near me in Rotterdam finishes here. BENU Apotheek De Binnenhof understands that managing your health can sometimes be tricky, especially when managing medications. That’s why they offer a variety of helpful services. One of the coolest features is the Takeaway Machine, which lets you pick up your medications whenever it’s convenient for you, right at the pharmacy. This is great for busy people who can only sometimes get there during regular hours.


The pharmacy has an Automatic Repeat Service for those who take medications regularly. Once you sign up, they automatically prepare your refills, so you don’t have to worry about running out or remembering to reorder. They also offer a Moving Service, making it easy to transfer your prescriptions if you move from one BENU pharmacy to another. Plus, if you’re travelling, they can help you get an overview of your medications to take along.


The BENU Apotheek De Binnenhof team cares about ensuring you understand how to use your medications safely and effectively. They work closely with doctors to make sure your treatment is just right. If you have any questions about your medicines or are unsure how to take them, you can always ask. They’re there to explain everything and help with any side effects or concerns you might have.


BENU Apotheek De Binnenhof is more than just a place to pick up your medicine; it’s a community where the staff knows you and looks out for your health. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, ready to provide the care and support you need. So, if you’re looking for a pharmacy that cares, check out BENU Apotheek De Binnenhof.

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