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BENU Apotheek Haveneiland


BENU Apotheek Haveneiland is a pharmacy located at IJburglaan 727a in Amsterdam, and it’s run by a knowledgeable pharmacist named Drs. HP van Lierop. This pharmacy is about ensuring you understand how to use your medicine correctly. They take the time to explain everything clearly, which helps you use your medicine properly and get the best results for your health.


The pharmacy offers a bunch of helpful services. For example, they have a takeaway machine right at the pharmacy. This machine lets you pick up your medicine quickly and easily without waiting in line. If you need to refill your prescriptions regularly, you can use their online form to order more or sign up for their automatic service that sends your refills without you having to ask each time.


If you’re moving from one BENU pharmacy to another, they make it easy to transfer all your information so you can keep getting your medicine without any trouble. They also have a special system called the ‘medicine roll’ that organises your medications by the day and time you need to take them, which is really handy if you have many different pills.


The pharmacy also offers a home delivery service. If you cannot get to the pharmacy, they can deliver your medications right to your door.


The staff at BENU Apotheek Haveneiland works closely with your doctor. Your doctor figures out what’s wrong and decides what medicine you need, and the pharmacy makes sure they understand everything about those medicines, like what side effects they might have or how they interact with other drugs you might be taking. Drs. HP van Lierop and his team stay in touch with your doctor to ensure your treatment is on track. If you have questions about your medicine or something doesn’t feel right, you can always ask them for help. They’re there to make sure you get the care you need.

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