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BENU Apotheek Lange Hille


BENU Apotheek Lange Hille is located at Lange Hilleweg 121 in Rotterdam and is a great place to go for all your medicine needs. They’re open to help you from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, but remember they’re closed on weekends.


This pharmacy really focuses on helping you out in any way they can. They offer a collection service, which means you can pick up your medicine quickly without waiting too long. If you regularly need the same medication, their repeat service is super handy. You can sign up once, and they’ll have your medicine ready for you every time you need a refill, without you having to ask again.


Understanding how and when to take your medicine can be confusing sometimes. That’s why the staff at BENU Apotheek Lange Hille take their time to explain everything clearly. They’ll tell you exactly how much medicine to take, the best way to take it, and when. Knowing all this helps you use your medicine correctly, which is important to make sure it works right and keeps you feeling good.


If you ever have any questions about your medicine, or if something doesn’t seem right, like if you’re feeling side effects, the pharmacy team encourages you to contact them. They are always ready to help and want to make sure you have all the information you need.


Overall, BENU Apotheek Lange Hille is more than just a place where you pick up prescriptions. It’s a helpful part of your community where the staff are friendly and really care about your health. Whether you need advice on medicine or just need to grab your prescription, BENU Apotheek Lange Hille is a reliable and welcoming place for all your pharmacy needs.

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