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BENU Apotheek Nassau


BENU Apotheek Nassau, located at Nassaukade 125-H in Amsterdam, is a prominent branch of one of the Netherlands’ largest healthcare providers. Committed to delivering smart, personal, and accessible care, the pharmacy caters to a diverse clientele and ensures that each customer receives tailored healthcare solutions.


The pharmacy operates Monday through Friday with split opening hours: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and then 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM. It remains closed on weekends, prioritising a balance between service and staff well-being. This scheduling accommodates the busy lives of its patrons, offering flexibility for both morning and afternoon visits.


At the helm of BENU Apotheek Nassau is Pharmacist Drs. FMS Imamali leads a team dedicated to providing excellent pharmaceutical care. The pharmacy offers various services that streamline the management of medical treatments for its customers. These include a convenient takeaway machine for quick pick-up of medications, an automatic repeat service for regular prescriptions, and a medicine roll service that organises daily doses of medication. The pharmacy also offers a seamless transfer service for those moving from one BENU location to another.


In addition, BENU Apotheek Nassau provides an online service where customers can register, order repeat prescriptions, and even request an overview of travel medications. The pharmacy also offers a delivery service, ensuring that those unable to visit in person can still receive their medications at home.


BENU’s expansive network includes over 3.6 million customers and 3,500 employees, highlighting its significant role in the Dutch healthcare system. Cooperation with doctors, nurses, home care workers, and other healthcare professionals underscores BENU’s holistic approach to healthcare, aiming for optimal outcomes for all its patients. Whether it’s through face-to-face interactions at the pharmacy or via its online services, BENU Apotheek Nassau strives to meet the healthcare needs of its community efficiently and compassionately.

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