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BENU Apotheek Ommoord


BENU Apotheek Ommoord, located at Marshallweg 1 in Rotterdam, is a friendly pharmacy where Dr. AW Nanhoe and his team work hard to help everyone who visits. This pharmacy isn’t just a place to pick up medicine; it’s a place where you can learn all about how to take your medicine safely and effectively.


At this pharmacy, the team takes extra time to explain how each medicine should be taken, when to take it, and how much to use. They make sure everything is clear so that you can get the best benefit from your medicine, which helps you feel better. If you ever get confused or have a question about your medicine, even after you go home, you can always come back and ask for help. The pharmacy team is always ready to answer your questions.


Working together with doctors is really important at BENU Apotheek Ommoord. When your doctor decides which medicine you need, they tell the pharmacy all about it. The pharmacy team knows a lot about different medicines, what they do, and what side effects they might have. They keep track of all your medicines to make sure they work well together and talk to your doctor to make sure everything is going just right with your treatment. This helps you get exactly the care you need.


BENU Apotheek Ommoord also offers some handy services to make getting and using your medicine easier. They have a service where you can pick up your medicine quickly, a repeat service so you don’t run out of your medicine, and they keep all your medicine information up-to-date. This makes taking care of your health simpler and safer.


So, BENU Apotheek Ommoord is more than just a pharmacy. It’s a helpful place in Rotterdam where Dr. AW Nanhoe and his team are always there to make sure you understand your medicine and get the care you need to stay healthy. They make everything about medicine easy to understand and are there to support you every step of the way.

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