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BENU Apotheek Paul Krugerlaan


BENU Apotheek Paul Krugerlaan, situated at Paul Krugerlaan 228 in The Hague, stands out as a beacon of health service and convenience in the community. Under the capable guidance of pharmacist S. K. Anant, MSc, the pharmacy is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Operating from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, the pharmacy ensures accessibility and reliability for all its patrons.


The pharmacy offers a comprehensive array of services designed to enhance the convenience and efficacy of medical care. Among its standout features is the innovative takeaway machine, which allows customers to pick up their prescriptions efficiently at any time that suits their schedule. This modern solution underscores BENU Apotheek Paul Krugerlaan’s commitment to integrating technology for improved service delivery. Additionally, the pharmacy provides a repeat ordering service through and an automatic repeat service, both of which streamline the process of managing and refilling prescriptions.


Recognising the diverse needs of its clientele, BENU Apotheek Paul Krugerlaan has established a robust delivery service to ensure that medications are delivered directly to homes, catering especially to those unable to visit the pharmacy in person. This service is complemented by the medicine roll service, which offers pre-organized doses for patients, simplifying medication management and adherence. For those planning travels, the pharmacy also facilitates requests for comprehensive travel medication overviews, ensuring that all health needs are covered even when away from home.


Furthermore, BENU Apotheek Paul Krugerlaan facilitates a smooth transition for customers moving from one BENU location to another, guaranteeing continuity in pharmaceutical care and service. The pharmacy’s proactive approach to healthcare is evident in its user-friendly online registration and the ease with which patients can enroll or request the various personalized services offered. Each service reflects the pharmacy’s overarching goal: to provide seamless, efficient, and compassionate care to everyone in the community.


With its strategic location at Ferdinand Bolstraat 103 in Amsterdam, BENU Apotheek Paul Krugerlaan is more than just a local pharmacy, it is a vital part of the city’s healthcare fabric, championing innovative solutions and personalised care to improve its customers’ well-being.

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