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Located at Sandelingplein 16 a in Rotterdam, BENU Apotheek ‘t Slag is your go-to local pharmacy, managed by the knowledgeable Pharmacist Drs. FIS Tjong-Akiet. Our pharmacy offers a range of convenient services designed to make managing your healthcare simple and stress-free.


We feature a take-away machine that allows you to pick up your prescriptions quickly and at any time, making it extremely convenient for those with busy schedules or unexpected needs. For those with regular medications, our repeat prescription service ensures that your meds are prepared in advance. You can choose to pick them up from our take-away machine or have them delivered directly to your home.


For added convenience, we offer a home delivery service. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who find it difficult to visit the pharmacy in person. We ensure that your medications are delivered safely and promptly to your doorstep. If you require a detailed list of your medications for travel or personal record-keeping, you can request a medicine overview from us. We also provide a medicine roll service, which organizes your medications for easy and correct usage.


Signing up with us is easy, whether you are new to the area or transferring from another BENU pharmacy. We handle all the details to ensure a seamless transition, keeping your treatment consistent and uninterrupted. At BENU Apotheek ‘t Slag, we understand that managing medication can be complex. That’s why we take the time to thoroughly explain your treatment plan—how much medicine to take, when, and how to take it. This clarity improves your medication adherence and overall health. If you ever have any doubts or experience side effects, we encourage you to contact us for assistance. We also coordinate closely with your doctor to ensure your treatment is properly managed.


BENU Apotheek ‘t Slag is more than just a place to get your prescriptions—it’s a community where you receive personalised care and support. Whether you visit in person or use our online services, we are here to assist you in every step of your health management journey.

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