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BENU Apotheek W.H. v.d. Meulen


BENU Apotheek W.H. v.d. Meulen is a well-known Amsterdam pharmacy located at Geldersekade 84a. It’s run by Dr. A. Hollander-Drost, a skilled pharmacist who cares about the health of the people who come in. The pharmacy is where community members can find help with their health needs in a friendly and understanding environment.


The pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, starting at 8:30 AM and closing at 5:30 PM, and it’s closed on weekends. This schedule helps them provide the best service during the week when most people need assistance. It’s designed to be convenient for people who live and work around Amsterdam, making sure they can always get help when they need it without having to wait.


BENU Apotheek W.H. v.d. Meulen offers several helpful services to make managing health easier. They help new patients sign up quickly, provide a repeat service for regular prescriptions, keep detailed health records, and even help patients move their prescriptions over if they’re moving to a new place. These services make health care less of a hassle so people can spend more time on what matters.


Besides the usual services, the pharmacy focuses a lot on personal care. Drs. Hollander-Drost and her team take the time to talk to each person, make sure their medicine fits their health needs, and answer any questions they might have. This kind of personal attention is what makes this pharmacy special. It’s not just about handing out medicine; it’s about ensuring everyone feels cared for and understood. This makes BENU Apotheek W.H. v.d. Meulen a trusted name for health care in their community.

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