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Burg-Apotheke is located at Hofweg 98, near Winterhuder Weg in Hamburg, and it’s known for providing various healthcare services. The pharmacy is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, making it easy to visit almost any day of the week.


One of the special things about Burg-Apotheke is its focus on homoeopathy, an alternative medicine. They also offer unique products like tar soaps and a wide range of medicinal teas they mix. Whether you need a tea to help you sleep, boost milk production, soothe your throat and bronchial, support your pregnancy, or just enjoy a refreshing spring tea with jasmine flowers, they have you covered.


In addition to teas and soaps, Burg-Apotheke stocks many tested and safe skin care products. These products are not found anywhere; they’re special items you can only buy at pharmacies. The pharmacy staff is experts in helping you find just the right product for your skin type.


You should get a customer card if you’re a regular customer. This card helps the pharmacy keep track of your purchases and can even help you with paperwork for your health insurance company and tax office at the end of the year.


Another great service they offer is travel vaccination advice. Burg-Apotheke is certified by the CRM (Centre for Travel Medicine in Düsseldorf) to advise what vaccinations you need if you travel to Asia, Africa, or South America. The staff stay updated with the latest health information and are retrained every two years so that they can give you the best advice for your trips.


Overall, Burg-Apotheke is more than just a place to pick up medicine. It offers specialized health services, products, and expert advice, making it a valuable health resource for the Hamburg community. Whether you need medical teas, skin care products, or travel health advice, the friendly staff at Burg-Apotheke are there to help.

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