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Capel Street Pharmacy, situated at 138 Capel Street in Dublin, offers a vital community service prioritizing health and wellness. Open to everyone in Dublin’s bustling heart, this pharmacy isn’t just a place to pick up prescriptions—it’s a hub of health services and support. With a clear focus on convenience and customer care, they make sure that essential health services are accessible to all.


You are on the right spot, if you are searching for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. The pharmacy boasts an array of health and wellness products categorized neatly into sections like Baby & Child, Personal & Skincare, and Vitamins & Supplements. With four products dedicated to the youngest members of the family and seven in personal care, plus a wide range of vitamins and supplements, customers can find exactly what they need for their health and well-being. These carefully selected products ensure that every family member’s health is catered to with the highest quality options.


Capel Street Pharmacy is deeply committed to providing essential health services. They offer free vaccinations to all medical, doctor visits, and HAA card holders who are over 65, showing their commitment to community health. Other vital services include quit smoking programs, blood pressure monitoring, emergency contraception, and home medical aids. These services are designed to address immediate health concerns and support long-term wellness goals, emphasising the pharmacy’s role in fostering a healthier community.


Furthermore, the pharmacy understands the importance of quick access to these health resources and products. With their express shipping option, customers can receive their orders the very next day, adding a layer of unmatched convenience. Capel Street Pharmacy also encourages feedback and interaction through their customer support, inviting suggestions and comments to enhance their service quality. This open communication policy reflects their dedication to making life as easy as possible for their customers, adapting and growing to meet their needs.


In summary, Capel Street Pharmacy is more than a place to fill prescriptions. It’s a community cornerstone that supports health and well-being with a comprehensive range of products and services. By blending traditional pharmacy services with innovative customer care and support, they ensure every visit is as beneficial as possible, reinforcing their commitment to the health and satisfaction of their customers.

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