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Central Apotheke is right in the heart of Hamburg at Rödingsmarkt 1. This isn’t just a place where you pick up your medicine; it’s a full-on health center that helps everyone in the community stay healthy.


Central Apotheke is a reliable choice if you are looking for a Pharmacy near me in Hamburg. At Central Apotheke, you can get a lot more than just your regular prescriptions. They check your blood pressure, offer special services like compression stockings for those who need them, and even make some of their products in the pharmacy. They’re open from early morning until the evening on weekdays, and they even have hours on Saturday, so it’s convenient to stop by.


Technology makes things even easier here. Since 2022, they’ve been using e-prescriptions. This means your doctor sends your prescription electronically, and you can handle it through a simple app on your phone. No more carrying around paper prescriptions! By the end of 2024, this will be the main way prescriptions are handled. You can also access the pharmacy by downloading the My Pharmacy app from the Play Store or Apple Store. Put the area code “20459” and select Central Apotheke. The pharmacy’s app is super handy. You can use it to order your meds ahead of time.


Central Apotheke also values being a local pharmacy that you can rely on. They encourage everyone to consider the benefits of getting prescriptions from a neighborhood pharmacy instead of just ordering online. They point out that a local place like theirs can offer immediate help and personal advice, something a big online company can’t match. Central Apotheke is proud of its fast service and personal touch, ensuring you get the best care in your community.

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