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Chambers Pharmacy is a place where everyone’s health matters a lot. The team here works hard to ensure you feel cared for in the store and through their website. They hope the website will be a helpful resource for useful information and updates. They encourage you to visit online whenever possible and to reach out if there’s something specific you’d like to see or learn about on their site. They appreciate your continued support and look forward to helping you for a long time.


You’ve landed at the right place for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. Chambers Pharmacy offers a variety of prescription plans to fit different needs, ensuring that getting medicine is easy and affordable. They have a plan for just about every situation, whether you need a one-time prescription filled or you’re managing more long-term health issues. They’re especially considerate of those with medical cards, providing lower-cost options to make sure everyone can get the medicine they need without too much stress.


Their hours are convenient, too. They’re open from 9 AM to 8 PM on weekdays, 9 AM to 7 PM on Saturdays, and even on Sundays and holidays from 11 AM to 6 PM. The staff at Chambers Pharmacy is always ready to help with anything you need. They can explain their different health plans, like schemes for long-term illnesses or emergencies. They’re also there to help with any paperwork, like applications for health cards or getting tax relief on your medicine costs through specific programs.


Chambers Pharmacy does more than just fill prescriptions. They help with dental prescriptions and ensure you can get tax benefits on your medicine costs where possible. The team is dedicated to totally looking after your health. Whether you need quick help with a new prescription or ongoing support for a long-term condition, they ensure you get the best care. Chambers Pharmacy isn’t just a place to get medicine. It’s a community partner that cares about your well-being.

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