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Coombe Community Pharmacy is strategically situated across from The Coombe Maternity Hospital in Dublin, at Unit 2, Earls Court, Reuben Street. As an independent establishment, it prides itself on catering extensively to mothers and expectant mothers with a broad selection of baby and maternity products.


The pharmacy’s mission is clear—to enhance the health and well-being of local families, particularly at the start of the journey of parenthood. Coombe Community Pharmacy simplifies the lives of busy parents with its efficient click-and-collect service available through its website, making it easy for parents to obtain the essentials without delay.


Beyond filling prescriptions, Coombe Community Pharmacy is dedicated to supporting prenatal health. The pharmacy offers a comprehensive range of essential prenatal vitamins, crucial for mothers who might not receive sufficient nutrients from their diets alone. These vitamins support maternal health and fetal development, ensuring a healthy pregnancy.


For customers in search of specific products not immediately available on the website, the pharmacy staff are always ready to assist. They are committed to ordering necessary items, showcasing their dedication to customer care and their adaptive approach to inventory management. This responsiveness to customer needs ensures that the pharmacy continually provides the latest and most effective health solutions.


Coombe Community Pharmacy is more than just a commercial entity; it plays a vital role in the health and development of its community. Whether customers interact with the pharmacy online or in person, they are greeted by a team eager to support and positively influence their health journey, especially during the pivotal moments of becoming and being a parent.

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