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The Diabetes@Work initiative is a collaborative effort to tackle the increasing problem of diabetes within the German workforce. With over 7.5 million people diagnosed with diabetes in Germany and more than 2 million of those within working age, the initiative seeks to make the workplace a key focus for prevention, early detection, and optimal support for managing diabetes.


Diabetes@Work brings together politicians, business leaders, health experts, and employees to discuss and implement strategies that address the impact of diabetes at work. This includes creating healthier workplace environments to prevent type 2 diabetes and supporting employees with diabetes to maintain their health and productivity. The initiative emphasises the importance of early diagnosis and customised treatment plans that allow employees to manage their condition without hindrance to their professional activities.


Additionally, Diabetes@Work aims to change how people with diabetes are perceived professionally. The initiative works to eliminate outdated prejudices and promote an inclusive work environment where people with diabetes are recognized for their capabilities and contributions without facing unnecessary restrictions.


The initiative operates on principles of content independence, meaning it does not promote specific treatments or products. Instead, it focuses on sharing best practices and enhancing knowledge about diabetes management in the workplace. Lilly Germany supports Diabetes@Work as a founding partner and financier, ensuring the initiative’s activities can be conducted without requiring financial contributions from other partners.


Overall, Diabetes@Work is making significant strides in promoting health at work, aiding individuals with diabetes, and fostering a broader understanding of how to effectively manage and prevent this chronic condition professionally.

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