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Down to Earth, founded in 1972 by Jack and Clare Irwin, is Ireland’s first health food supermarket and is located in the heart of Dublin. This family-owned store has been run by the Irwins and their seven children, along with a dedicated team. They’ve made a name for themselves by offering expert advice and a wide range of health-related products in a friendly, welcoming environment.


You’ve made it to the right spot for a pharmacy near me in Dublin. The store is known for having everything you might need to lead a healthy lifestyle. They offer a huge variety of products, including vitamins, supplements, homoeopathic remedies, herbs, and organic foods. Customers can also find aromatherapy oils and a selection of natural and organic skincare and makeup products that are not tested on animals. Down to Earth is committed to being environmentally friendly, so they also have eco-friendly household products and natural baby items.


One special feature of Down to Earth is their homoeopathic dispensary, which stocks many different homoeopathic remedies in various strengths. These remedies are not usually available online but can be mailed out if customers talk to one of the homoeopaths available at the store six days a week. The team at Down to Earth can fill prescriptions for homoeopathic remedies, offer advice on how to treat sudden illnesses, and even recommend other homoeopaths around Ireland.


Some products, like their large selection of CBD items and some chilled or frozen goods, can’t be found on their website. However, customers can always call or email the store if they need these products or have any questions.


Down to Earth values personal interaction highly, ensuring that each customer gets individual attention and expert advice from their experienced staff. Although the store began as a small family business in Malahide, it has grown to become the leading health food store in Ireland, thanks to its dedication to customer service and community health.


For those who can’t make it to the store in person, Down to Earth offers shipping across Ireland, making it easy for everyone to access their products. Whether someone is looking for health supplements, eco-friendly products, or expert health advice, Down to Earth aims to help all their customers “live life to the full.

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