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Dunville Pharmacy


Dunville Pharmacy, located on Dunville Avenue in Ranelagh, is more than just your typical pharmacy. Since Niamh took over in 2006, the place has really transformed. It’s become a community favourite, known for its friendly service and innovative health solutions. Niamh, who’s also studied herbal medicine, has introduced a unique twist to the pharmacy’s offerings. Now, they don’t just fill out prescriptions; they also create bespoke herbal remedies and teas that started as special mixes for particular customer ailments.


If you are searching for a pharmacy near me in Dublin then look no further. The pharmacy has become the go-to spot for anyone looking for more natural health options. They offer everything from plant-based skincare products to personalized herbal consultations. Niamh and her team take the time to really listen and provide tailored advice, whether it’s during a face-to-face chat or an online consultation. Their approach goes beyond just dealing with the symptoms; they look at the whole picture to help manage your overall health and wellness.


The heart of Dunville Pharmacy lies in its commitment to the community. It’s a place where families have been coming for generations, and where every customer, young or old, is treated with warmth and understanding. The staff is well-known for their caring nature and their dedication to making sure every visitor gets the attention they need, no matter how big or small their health concerns might be.


Dunville Pharmacy truly stands out because it combines traditional medicine with natural and alternative treatments. This blend not only caters to a wide range of health needs but also personalizes the care to fit each person’s specific circumstances. With a focus on long-term health and wellbeing, Niamh and her team are all about providing support that makes a real difference in people’s lives, helping them to feel better today and into the future.

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