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Welcome to Elisabeth-Apotheke, a cornerstone of healthcare located at Prenzlauer Allee 184 in Berlin. Under the ownership of Christiane Becker e.Kfr. Elisabeth Pharmacy is dedicated to enhancing your health beyond the scope of traditional medicine, focusing on a comprehensive approach that includes both modern medical findings and a deep commitment to patient care.


From 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday through Friday and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturdays, Elisabeth-Apotheke offers various services to support every aspect of your health. Recognising that well-being is not solely a matter of luck but also influenced by lifestyle and other external factors, the pharmacy is a crucial partner in managing and maintaining your health.


The team at Elisabeth-Apotheke is highly qualified and committed to addressing patients’ concerns with empathy and expertise. As pharmaceutical experts, they provide essential guidance on the use of medications, including explanations of their effects and possible interactions. The pharmacy also conducts various health examinations and tests, assists with medical devices and aids, and offers valuable tips for a healthy lifestyle.


Services at Elisabeth-Apotheke are diverse, ranging from allopathy and homoeopathy to specialised areas like phytotherapy. The pharmacy is equipped to handle the preparation of prescriptions, measuring for bandages, and even offers bath additives for medicinal baths. There is a disabled-accessible entrance for those with mobility issues, ensuring that everyone can access the services provided.


Additional offerings include a messenger service, EC and credit card payments, and a comprehensive disposal service for old medicines. The pharmacy also publishes an in-house customer magazine, providing insightful articles and health tips. For those needing nursing or domestic care assistance, Elisabeth-Apotheke is there to help.


Other services include prescription delivery, special offers, a telephone service, veterinary medicines, a transfer service, and first aid kits for home and travel. Whether you need compression stockings, cosmetics, wellness products, or wound care, Elisabeth-Apotheke has a solution tailored to your needs.


Elisabeth-Apotheke invites you to explore their services online and take advantage of their many benefits. As your trusted health advisor and helper, Elisabeth Pharmacy is committed to supporting your health journey with high-quality care and expert advice.

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