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Enten Apotheke


Enten Apotheke is a friendly pharmacy located at Grindelallee 88-90 in Hamburg. You can easily hop off the Metrobus at the Grindelhof stop. They are open Monday through Saturday, with extra hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, making it convenient for everyone to visit.


At Enten Apotheke, they make sure everyone gets the medicine their doctor prescribes, including any special medications from other countries. The pharmacy doesn’t just stop at medicines; they also have many health products you can only find in pharmacies. The team there keeps learning new things to ensure they can give you the best advice.


If you are looking for a pharmacy near me in Hamburg, Enten Apotheke is the best choice. They’re good at helping you figure out what vitamins and supplements you might need based on your daily habits. If you’re looking for skincare, they have various products for your skin type, including sunscreens, men’s skincare, and even children’s products. They also consider making life easier for new parents by offering breast pump rentals and baby scales.


Enten Apotheke is a great place to get advice on travel health and vaccinations if you plan a trip. They are also experts in helping people keep their digestive health in top shape, which is super important for your overall health. Plus, they offer confidential advice and support for HIV and other health issues, working closely with experts to ensure you get the best care.


In simple terms, Enten Apotheke is more than just a place to get your medicine. It’s a place to get personal advice and find products that make you feel good and stay healthy. Whether you need health tips for your next trip or help with your baby’s needs, they’ve got you covered.

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